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Cruises from New York in the Winter of 2015/2016

A cruise from New York City is the easy way to escape from the biting cold of winter.

34 total winter cruises are offered out of New York in December, January and February. Most voyages go to the Bahamas or the Caribbean. There are also cruises to England and all the way to Australia. See the complete calendar of New York cruises.

In December 2015 there are 6 cruises to the Bahamas, and most of those also stop at Port Canaveral Florida. 4 cruises go farther south to the Caribbean. Six Christmas and New Year cruises are available.

In January 2016 there are 13 cruises out of NYC. For variety, one epic voyage is to Australia. Another cruise goes to England. 4 cruises head for the exotic Southern Caribbean.

February 2016 brings 10 more winter cruises. Every New Yorker will need a warm vacation by then. 3 are on Royal Caribbean cruise line and 7 are on Norwegian Cruise Line.

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