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Cruises leaving from New York go to a variety of destinations including the Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada, Greenland and England.

Australia Cruises: There are few cruises that go all the way from NYC to Sydney.

Bahamas Cruises: Year-round cruises to warm, sunny islands. Some go to the cruise lines' private resort islands.

Bermuda Cruises: Take a summer cruise from NYC to Kings Wharf or Hamilton. Pink sand, short pants, golf, snorkeling, colorful buildings and historic sites attract visitors.

Canada & New England Cruises: See colorful fall foliage, explore charming ports, and experience the tides at the Bay of Fundy.

Caribbean Cruises: Cruise farther south to the tropical islands of the Caribbean. Choose from a variety of voyages to the eastern, southern, or western Caribbean.

England & Europe Cruises: Transatlantic cruises to England, Germany, or other Europe ports. It's the luxurious, comfortable, enjoyable way to cross the Atlantic.

Greenland & Iceland Cruises: Cruise north to scenic Greenland and Iceland. One-way and round-trip voyages.

Nowhere: Short cruises out into the ocean and back, without stopping at any other ports.

Holiday Cruises: Celebrate Christmas on a cruise. It's a fine way to gather the whole family, without anyone being stuck with cooking or cleaning.

4 Day Cruises: Cruise out of NY on a short trip.

5 Day Cruises: Cruise from NYC for less than a week. It's enough time to go to Bermuda or Canada.

7 Day Cruises: Cruise from NYC for one week to the Bahamas, Bermuda, Caribbean, Canada or England.

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